Citrine Pyramid

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Material: Citrine

Size: 1.1"-1.25"(28-32mm)

10% of profits are used to protect nature and endangered animals

Citrine is the stone of abundance, and it will be hard-pressed not to show up in your life. The golden glow has been known as both a merchants’ guidepost for business success or an August weather changer that brings with its warm light all the good vibes needed before summer's end! Citrines are called upon by those looking forward rather than back because they're able to keep eyes open on what lies ahead while never forgetting where we've already been - which means if you have one of these stones tucked away somewhere safe then know this: You can always find more happiness right around Every Turn

This stunning crystal is made of natural citrine that has been cut into the shape of a pyramid. Citrine is a yellow variety of quartz that ranges in color from pale lemon yellow to golden brown. The citrine pyramid has a glossy finish and pointy edges. It measures 2-3 inches tall and weighs approximately 8 ounces.

The citrine pyramid can be used in many different ways. You can set it on your desk or altar as a decoration, use it in meditation or energy work, or carry it with you in your pocket or purse. Whenever you need a little boost of creativity, joy, or abundance, simply hold the citrine pyramid in your hand and focus on your intention.

• Unique and genuine Citrine pyramid
• approx. 1.25inch
• Color, shape, size, and markings will vary
• Comes with a description card

How to Clean and Care for Your Citrine Pyramid

Have you recently acquired a beautiful citrine pyramid? Whether you’re a crystal enthusiast or just beginning your journey, taking care of your new stone is important. This guide will help you understand the basics of cleaning and caring for your citrine pyramid, so you can keep it in top condition.

Cleaning Your Citrine Pyramid
Citrine is one of the most durable crystals, but it still requires regular cleaning to maintain its beauty. The best way to clean your citrine pyramid is with lukewarm water and mild non-abrasive soap. Use a soft cloth or brush to gently scrub away dirt and dust without scratching the surface of the stone. Once finished, rinse with clean water and pat dry with a soft cotton cloth. Avoid using harsh abrasives or chemicals as these could damage the stone’s appearance.

If your citrine pyramid has become particularly dull from dust build-up, try soaking it in sea salt for 15 minutes before rinsing with lukewarm water and drying off as usual. Sea salt will help loosen stubborn dirt particles without damaging the surface of the stone.

Storing Your Citrine Pyramid
Once cleaned, store your citrine pyramid in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight or any other sources of heat or moisture. You can also wrap it in soft cotton cloth to prevent scratches and keep it protected when not in use. Make sure to check on your citrine regularly—if it looks dull or feels rough when touched, repeat the cleaning process above until it regains its original beauty.

Taking care of your citrine pyramid is essential if you want to enjoy its beauty for years to come! Cleaning should be done regularly using only lukewarm water and mild non-abrasive soap; sea salt may be used for tougher build ups but should not be used too often as this could damage the surface of the stone. Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and make sure to check on it every now and then—if it looks dull or feels rough when touched, repeat the cleaning process until back at its best! With proper care and attention, your citrine pyramid will remain beautiful for years!

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