Double Terminated Amethyst

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Material: Amethyst

Size: 1.2"-2.0"(30-50mm)

Quantity: 1pcs

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All About Double Terminated Amethyst

Amethyst is a violet variety of quartz often used in jewelry and for ornamental purposes. Though it is commonly found in nature, the double terminated amethyst is quite rare. In this blog post, we'll take a closer look at this unique type of amethyst and find out what sets it apart from other varieties of quartz.

What is Double Terminated Amethyst?

As its name suggests, double terminated amethyst is amethyst that has two pointing ends (or "terminations"). Most crystals have just one termination, but double terminated crystals are formed when the crystal continues to grow on both sides. Double terminated amethysts are quite rare, which makes them highly sought-after by collectors.

How is Double Terminated Amethyst Formed?

Double terminated amethysts are typically found in areas where there is a lot of volcanic activity. Volcanic eruptions can spew out lava and ash, which eventually hardens into rock. Over time, water seeps into the rock and carries minerals with it. These minerals can become trapped in the rock and slowly form crystals over millions of years.

What are the Properties of Double Terminated Amethyst?
Like other types of amethyst, double terminated amethysts are members of the quartz family. Quartz is known for its high vibration and energy-cleansing properties. Double terminated amethysts are said to be even more powerful than other types of amethysts because they have two points (or "terminations") that can channel and amplify energy.

If you're in the market for a new piece of jewelry or a decorative item for your home, consider purchasing a double terminated amethyst. This rare type of amethyst is not only beautiful, but it's also said to possess powerful energies that can enhance your well-being. When shopping for double terminated amethysts, be sure to purchase from a reputable dealer to ensure that you're getting a genuine piece of this rare crystal.

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