Green Fluorite Pyramid

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Material: Green Fluorite

Size: 1.1"-1.25"(28-32mm)

10% of profits are used to protect nature and endangered animals

This green fluorite pyramid is the perfect tool to connect with nature. The natural energy of green helps to connect with the earth, while the power of fluorite can help to amplify that connection. This pyramid can be used to touch on nature, including the plants, animals, and elements that make it up. It can also be used for divination and to find information about environmental issues.

Green Fluorite Pyramid

A green fluorite pyramid is a beautiful piece that can be used for many purposes. It can be placed in your home or office as a decoration, used as a paperweight, or even kept in your pocket as a good luck charm. However you choose to use it, a green fluorite pyramid is sure to add a touch of elegance to any space.

What is Green Fluorite?

Green fluorite is a type of crystal that is known for its soothing and calming properties. It is often used to promote relaxation and peace of mind. Green fluorite can also help to boost concentration and memory. This makes it an ideal crystal for students or anyone who wants to improve their focus.

How to Use Green Fluorite

There are many ways to use green fluorite in your everyday life. If you want to enjoy the relaxing benefits of this crystal, you can place it in your home or office. You can also keep it in your pocket or purse so that you can have it with you throughout the day. If you're looking for a way to improve your concentration, try using a green fluorite pyramid as a paperweight on your desk.

Whether you're looking for a way to relax or boost your concentration, a green fluorite pyramid is a perfect choice. This beautiful piece can be used in many different ways and is sure to add a touch of elegance to any space. Crystal lovers will appreciate the soothing and calming properties of this crystal, while others will enjoy its ability to improve focus and memory. So why not add a green fluorite pyramid to your collection today?

• Unique and genuine Green Fluorite pyramid
• approx. 1.25inch
• Color, shape, size, and markings will vary
• Comes with a description card

How to Care for Your Green Fluorite Pyramid
Green Fluorite is a beautiful and powerful crystal that can bring balance and harmony into your life. However, if you’re going to enjoy the benefits of this crystal, you need to make sure it’s well cared for. Cleaning and caring for a Green Fluorite Pyramid requires special attention since it is a delicate crystal that can easily be scratched or damaged. Here are some tips on how to best care for your Green Fluorite Pyramid.

Cleaning Your Pyramid
To clean your Green Fluorite Pyramid, you will need some soft cloths, warm water, and mild soap (preferably castile soap). First, dampen the cloths with warm water and gently wipe away any dirt or debris from the pyramid. Be careful not to rub too hard as this could scratch the surface of the pyramid. Then add a few drops of mild soap onto one of the cloths and use it to wipe away any stubborn dirt or grime. Finally, rinse off the soap with another damp cloth and dry off the pyramid with a clean towel.

Storing Your Pyramid
When storing your Green Fluorite Pyramid between uses, make sure it is in an area where it will be safe from damage or harm. You should also keep it out of direct sunlight as this could fade its color over time. Wrap your pyramid in a soft cloth before placing it in its storage space so that it won’t bump against anything else or get knocked around while being moved.

Keeping It Charged
Green Fluorite absorbs energy so you want to make sure that its energies are kept charged up at all times. Since fluorite is affected by sunlight, place your pyramid near an open window during the day so that it can absorb natural energy from outside sources. You can also place fluorite near other crystals like quartz or amethyst which may help amplify its power even further! If you have access to them, crystals like selenite or black tourmaline may also be helpful in keeping your fluorite charged up!

Caring for your Green Fluorite Pyramid doesn't have to be difficult but you do need to take special care when handling this delicate crystal. Make sure you're cleaning and storing it properly so that you can enjoy its beauty and benefits without fear of damaging it! In addition to proper cleaning and storage practices, make sure you're keeping your pyramid charged up by exposing it natural sources of energy such as sunlight or other crystals! With these simple steps in place, you'll ensure that your fluorite stays looking beautiful for years to come!

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