Lepidolite Cup

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Size: 3.15"(8cm)

Material: Lepidolite

10% of profits are used to protect nature and endangered animals

The Lepidolite Cup

The Lepidolite cup is a beautiful piece that can be used for decoration or to hold small trinkets. This cup is made from lepidolite, which is a type of mica. Lepidolite has a soft lilac color and often has a glittery sheen. This particular cup has been polished to a high shine and the lepidolite has been cut into thin slices to create a delicate and elegant design.

Lepidolite is said to be a stone of transition that can help to ease the process of change. It is thought to promote peace, balance, and calm during times of stress. Lepidolite is also said to be helpful in reducing anxiety, depression, and addiction. This crystal can be used in meditation or placed in your home or office to promote feelings of tranquility. Here are some of the ways you can use the Lepidolite Cup.

The first way to use the Lepidolite Cup is as a paperweight. If you have a lot of papers that need to be weighed down, the Lepidolite Cup is the perfect solution. The second way to use the Lepidolite Cup is as decoration. It can be placed on a shelf or desk to add a touch of beauty to any room. The third way to use the Lepidolite Cup is to meditate with it. You can fill water and place it in front of you while you meditate to receive its calming energy.

The Lepidolite cup makes a beautiful addition to any crystal collection. It can also be given as a gift to someone who is going through a difficult time. This cup is sure to bring beauty and peace into any space.

Every day, we see nature deteriorating at an alarming rate. The climate is changing faster than ever before, with serious consequences for all life on Earth – including us! Wanting to help, we created Roe Garden to help conserve and restore biodiversity, the web of life that supports all on Earth. By donating 10% of our profits to WWF, we’re able to make a real difference in the fight against climate change and its effects on our planet. What we didn’t know was just how much our little garden would grow. But we’re not giving up without a fight. With your help, we can make a difference!

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