Magnesite Pyramid

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Material: Magnesite

Size: 1.1"-1.25"(28-32mm)

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The magnesite pyramid has a gentle but persistent energy, always working behind the scenes to keep things in balance. It connects easily with nature, and often bears the markings of trees or other plants on its surface. Magnesite is a calming presence, and is especially helpful in releasing stress and tension. It can be used to promote deep relaxation and inner peace, making it a valuable tool for meditation and contemplation.

Magnesite Pyramid

Meet Magnesite, a soft white stone with black or brown streaks. Magnesite is named after the greek word for magnet, due to its magnetic properties. It is often used as a replacement for Turquoise, as it has a similar energy.

This pyramid is approximately 2.5" on each side, and weighs 7 ounces. It has a soft, sandy texture and is opaque. It would make a beautiful addition to any crystal collection.

Magnesite is associated with the crown chakra. It is a stone of peace and calming, helping to still the mind and allow for deep meditation. It can be used to relieve stress and tension headaches. Magnesite can also help to ease fears and phobias.

This stone can be used to facilitate astral travel and channeling. It can also be used in past life regression work. Magnesite can help one to connect with their higher self, as well as their guides and Angels.

Magnesite is also known as a "law of attraction" stone. This simply means that it can help you to manifest your desires into reality. It does this by aligning your thoughts and actions with the Universe's energy of abundance. meditating with magnesite can help you to get clear on your goals, and then take action steps towards achieving them.

If you are looking for a crystal that will help you to relax, meditate deeply, connect with your higher self, or manifest your desires, then magnesite is the perfect stone for you! This beautiful pyramid would make a lovely addition to any crystal collection.

• Unique and genuine Magnesite Pyramid
• approx. 1.25inch
• Color, shape, size, and markings will vary
• Comes with a description card

How to Clean & Care for a Magnesite Pyramid

Magnesite pyramids are beautiful and powerful tools for connecting with the spiritual realm. They come in a variety of sizes, from mini-pyramids that fit in the palm of your hand to larger ones that can fill an entire room. Taking good care of your magnesite pyramid will help you get the most out of it. Here’s how to keep your magnesite pyramid clean and well cared for.

Cleaning Your Magnesite Pyramid
It is important to cleanse your magnesite pyramid regularly to ensure its energy remains strong and vibrant. You can do this by using simple techniques such as sage smudging, water cleansing, or sound cleansing. Sage smudging involves burning sage and allowing the smoke to drift over your crystal while you set an intention for clearing away any negative energy. Water cleansing requires submerging the pyramid in salt water for 24 hours and then allowing it to dry naturally in the sun or moonlight. Sound cleansing involves playing soft music near the crystal until all negative energy has been released.

Storing Your Magnesite Pyramid
When not in use, you should store your magnesite pyramid in a safe, protective place such as a cloth bag or box where no one else can touch it—this is especially important if you have other crystals or sensitive items nearby that could be affected by its energy. If possible, keep it away from electronics like computers and TVs which may interfere with its vibrations. You should also avoid placing it near windows or direct sunlight as these can cause discoloration over time due to UV rays. Make sure there is plenty of air circulation so that dust doesn't accumulate on its surface.

Caring For Your Magnesite Pyramid
The best way to care for your magnesite pyramid is simply by loving it! Spend time with it every day; hold it, meditate with it, talk to it, set intentions for what you'd like to achieve with its help—whatever brings you joy! Showing love and appreciation for your crystal helps restore its healing power so that you can benefit from all that it has to offer.

Taking good care of your magnesite pyramid will ensure that its powerful energies remain strong and vibrant over time. Cleanse it regularly using sage smudging, water cleansing, or sound cleansing techniques; store it safely away from electronics and windows; and show love and appreciation for it every day—these are all essential steps for keeping your magnesite pyramid clean and well cared for! With proper care, this special crystal will bring joy into your life now and in the years ahead!

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