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Size: 0.55"(14mm)

Material: Malachite

10% of profits are used to protect nature and endangered animals

Malachite bracelet – Embrace nature’s beauty

If you’re ever feeling low and need a quick pick-me-up, just take a stroll outdoors. It’s no secret that being in nature has a calming and therapeutic effect on the mind and body. Now, you can bring a piece of nature with you wherever you go with a malachite bracelet.

Malachite is an eye-catching, verdant green stone that gets its color from the presence of copper in its composition. This distinct hue has made malachite a highly sought-after stone since antiquity. In fact, many Ancient Egyptian artifacts are carved from malachite!

Since it’s such a striking stone, it’s no wonder that malachite is often used in jewelry making. At Roe Garden, we have a beautiful selection of malachite bracelets for both men and women.
The Healing Powers of Malachite
In addition to its striking appearance, many people believe that wearing malachite has healing powers. For instance, some say that this stone can help with relieving stress and anxiety. Malachite is also thought to boost the immune system and cleanse the body of toxins.

If you’re looking for a claims-backed way to wear malachite, consider investing in one of our beaded bracelets. Beading is known to be therapeutic and can help improve your dexterity, concentration, and hand-eye coordination. So, not only will you look great wearing one of our bracelets, but you’ll also get some added health benefits!

Chain length: 18-20cm
Bead width: 14mm

Every day, we see nature deteriorating at an alarming rate. The climate is changing faster than ever before, with serious consequences for all life on Earth – including us! Wanting to help, we created Roe Garden to help conserve and restore biodiversity, the web of life that supports all on Earth. By donating 10% of our profits to WWF, we’re able to make a real difference in the fight against climate change and its effects on our planet. What we didn’t know was just how much our little garden would grow. But we’re not giving up without a fight. With your help, we can make a difference!

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