The Starry Night-Moss Agate

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Size: 1.96"-2.36"(5-6cm)

Material: Moss Agate

Style: Star

10% of profits are used to protect nature and endangered animals

How to spot Fake Moss Agate

Moss agate is a type of agate that contains chlorite, giving it a mossy or ferny appearance. It is often used in jewelry and carvings and can vary in color from white to green to brown. Because of its unique appearance, moss agate can be quite valuable, which unfortunately makes it a target for counterfeiters. We will discuss some of the ways you can tell if the moss agate you are looking at is the real thing.

1. Counterfeiters often try to pass off fake moss agate by calling it something else, such as “moss opal” or “moss jasper.” If you are unsure what you are looking at, ask a professional or do some research to be sure.
2. Moss agate should have a smooth surface. If you see pits or bumps, it is likely that you are looking at fake moss agate.
3. Real moss agate will always show some form of banding, whereas fake moss agate often does not.
4. Genuine moss agate will feel cool to the touch, even in warm weather. If the stone feels warm, it is probably not real moss agate.
5. Moss agate gets its name from the mossy or fern-like inclusions that are found in the stone. If you don’t see any inclusions, it is likely that you are looking at a fake.
6. Fake moss agate is often made from glass or resin and will be much lighter than real moss agate.
7. The best way to be sure you are getting genuine moss agate is to buy from a reputable source that can guarantee the authenticity of their products.

Moss agate is a beautiful stone that has been coveted by many for centuries. However, because of its value, it has also been faked by unscrupulous individuals looking to make a quick buck. We discussed some of the ways you can tell if the moss agate you are looking at is real or fake. Remember, if you are ever unsure, the best thing to do is consult with a professional or purchase from a reputable source.

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