Zebra Stone Tower

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Material: Zebra Stone

Size: 2"-2.4"(50-60mm)

10% of profits are used to protect nature and endangered animals

The Beauty of Zebra Stone

Zebra stone is a beautiful, unique crystal that is perfect for anyone who loves crystals and gemstones. Here are some things you should know about zebra stone!

Zebra stone is a sedimentary rock that is found in Western Australia. It gets its name from the stripes that are found on the surface of the stone. Zebra stone is usually a gray or white color, but it can also be yellow, orange, or brown. The stripes on zebra stone are usually black, but they can also be brown or gray.

Zebra stone is said to have many metaphysical properties. It is thought to be helpful for emotional healing, stress relief, and balancing the energies of the body. Zebra stone is also said to be a good crystal for grounding and protection.

Zebra Stone Meanings and Uses

Zebra stone is most commonly used for emotional healing. It is thought to be helpful for relieving stress and anxiety, and for balancing the energies of the body. Zebra stone is also said to be helpful for grounding and protection.

Zebra stone can be used in many different ways. It can be worn as jewelry, carried in a pocket or purse, placed on an altar or meditation space, or used in grid work or energy healing practices. You can also keep zebra stone in your car or office to help you stay grounded and protected during your day-to-day life.


If you are looking for a beautiful, unique crystal to add to your collection, zebra stone is a great option! Zebra stone has many benefits and can be used in a variety of ways. Whether you are looking for a new piece of jewelry or a crystal to help you with emotional healing, zebra stone is sure to bring some positive energy into your life!

Every day, we see nature deteriorating at an alarming rate. The climate is changing faster than ever before, with serious consequences for all life on Earth – including us! Wanting to help, we created Roe Garden to help conserve and restore biodiversity, the web of life that supports all on Earth. By donating 10% of our profits to WWF, we’re able to make a real difference in the fight against climate change and its effects on our planet. What we didn’t know was just how much our little garden would grow. But we’re not giving up without a fight. With your help, we can make a difference!

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